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Born in Milan, Italy, Enrico Massetti is a retired visionary entrepreneur and inventor.

In 1973 when he was 26 years old, Enrico devised a hand-held computer to help the field auditors of Nielsen, the company where his wife was working, to perform their operations in a more efficient way. His idea started a multi-years multinational project, financed by Nielsen, that essentially was the development of a custom data base management system software. Of course, for many years there was no hand-held computer device available on which to run the software, as the microprocessor had just been introduced by Intel.

In 1974 Enrico started his own engineering development company in Milan, adding to the Nielsen contract several other projects to develop microprocessor based systems and products for Italian and European clients. This activity brought the products of his clients to the most updated technologies of microprocessors and microcontrollers.

In 1980, one of these systems was the European Parliament electronic voting system, the first-ever LAN – Local Area Network – of over 400 microcomputers. Enrico, with his engineers conceived, designed and built the system, and Olivetti sold it to the European Parliament. They installed two systems: one in Strasbourg, France, and the second in Luxembourg four months later.

 What went wrong the first time the second system was used.

In 1982 the Nielsen software was finished and ready for use, but still there was no hardware available, therefore Nielsen asked Enrico to develop the hardware too: an hand-held battery operated personal computer with one megabyte of SSD hard disk memory. In few months the development was completed and ready for production. After an extensive and unsuccessful search in the entire USA for a company that could manufacture the device, Nielsen decided to do it themselves at their engineering department in Florida, and offered Enrico to move him and his family there to manage the project. The computer was manufactured in several thousand units and was used by Nielsen subsidiaries in the USA and in several European countries for several years.

Completed the project, Enrico worked for 14 years for Nielsen to expand their TAM – Television Audience Measurement business around the world. He designed a new television metering system, the Eurometer, that made Nielsen competitive in the world markets and was used in 14 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. This development was coordinated by Enrico with development groups between Finland, the UK, Florida and Texas at a time when there was no internet (and not even e-mail).

In 1998 Enrico retired from Nielsen. He holds 11 patents on television and radio audience measurement.

Now Enrico publishes Italian tourist guides.

Since 1997, Enrico has also prepared numerous web pages.

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