Abruzzo holds a record: 30 percent of its territory is protected by environmental laws.

No other region in Europe can boast as much. Not without good reason is it known as “the region of parks,” the ideal target for a naturalistic vacation.

There are three national parks, one regional park and many protected sites and nature reserves: in a region like this, it seems natural that the provincial capital is called L’Aquila (‘The Eagle’).

This guide leads you in a visit to Abruzzo, starting from L’Aquila, all the sea resorts, and the National Park.

It covers Abruzzo cuisine, with a section on the specialty Foods of Abruzzo, and lists many regional recipes with active links to the recipe pages. It also contains the local wines.
It includes a comprehensive section on Abruzzo’s history, from the essential pre-Roman age, through the historic Roman era, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque period, and the Modern age.

It includes color photos and descriptions of the attractions, as well as travel info.

It is ideal for use on your smartphone, it has many reviews of the restaurants in the localities covered. If you have an active internet connection the guide has links to the review pages, in any case, you have the necessary info: address, phone number together with the review.

Italian Edition: L’Abruzzo



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