Naples, Capri, Ischia Pompeii



This guide leads you in a visit to Naples and the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida. It also covers the ruins of Pompeii and the Royal Palace of Caserta.

It includes color photos and descriptions of the attractions of all the localities touched, as well as info on Campania’s cuisine and recipes.

It has plenty of practical advice on travel to reach the islands and how to move once you are there.

It is ideal for use on your smart phone, it contains active links to the web sites of many reviews for the best recommended restaurants that are at the location described. There are active links to the review pages, you can use them if you have an active Internet connection, but, if you don’t, you have the basic information ready: the name, address and telephone number are included in the guide.

Get the complete, up-to-date and detailed instructions, with:

  • Detailed description of the attractions
  • Description of the itineraries
  • list of best restaurants, with links to the review pages
  • and all the other details you need to have a wonderful and successful trip:

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