One Day In Stresa From Milan

You don’t need a car to escape from the business, the traffic, the congestion, the fog in wintertime and the afa, the humid heat, in summer, of the city to a wonderful world of lakes, mountains, castles and good food: just take the train and, sometimes, the boat as recommended in the following itinerary. This trip is specially recommended during spring or autumn, when you can leave the fog and cold of Milan and reach the sunny lakefront views in the mild climate of the Lake Maggiore.

In Stresa, trolling over the stone patchwork walks of Corso Italia you can gaze to your right and see the majesty of the massive lake. Towering Swiss Alps seem to encircle you in their beauty and silhouetted shapes. The islands of Isola Bella, Pescatori and Madre seem like green oases in the flat waters of Maggiore. On the left you can stroll by some of the grandest European hotels each adorned with flowered balconies, ornate metal work and the pampered lawns.

Lake Magiore has refused the big industry that nearby Como has accepted with open arms. Como with its city like pace, fancy shops and crowded streets seems a world away from the calm comforting and gentle vibe of towns like Stresa and Baveno. Maggiore feels as it were frozen in time, stopped somehow in its most glorious moment.

Baveno with its short lakeside walkways, hip local cafes and family run pizzerias. On the shore are grand hotels boasting marble adorned bathrooms, dual balconies and gold trimmed doors; it’s not gaudy, it’s elegant in the most European way.

This is a  guide to Stresa, the town on Lake Maggiore.

It is ideal for use on your smart phone, it contains active links to the web sites of transportation system, so you can with a click from the guide check the latest schedule and even buy the tickets.

It has also listing of many reviews for the best recommended restaurants that are at walking distance from the train station.


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