One Day Stresa – Locarno From Milan


You don’t need a car to escape from the business, the traffic, the congestion, the fog in wintertime and the afa, the humid heat, in summer, of the city to a wonderful world of lakes, mountains, castles and good food: just take the train and, sometimes, the boat as recommended in this itinerary to the northern Lake Maggiore.

There are extensive descriptions and photos of the attractions for you to use during your visit.

This itinerary covers the Northern part of Lake Maggiore, going back and forth between Piedmont and Lombardy and ending in Switzerland.

The itinerary starts from Stresa, and ends in Locarno.

The boat trip takes about one hour forty five minutes with the hydrofoil, but you will savor the lake much better with the normal slow boat that takes three hours. Various options are described for the return, including trains on the Eastern Lombardy side of the lake to Milan and to Malpensa Airport.

Get the complete, up-to-date and detailed instructions, with:

  • Detailed description of the attractions
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  • and all the other details you need to have a wonderful and successful trip:

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