Video projects

My background as videographer

I have been an amateur videographer since when I got my first 8 mm film camera in 1962, when I was 15 years old. I passed through all the evolving technologies: super 8 film with sound, Panasonic video camera with backpack VHS recorder, 8mm camcorder, Hi8 camcorder, Digital 8 camcorder and finally HD digital camcorder. I used all sort of editing, from splitting the film and pasting it together with transparent tape, to analogue VHS editing to non linear editing with a Mac and Final Cut Express. Now I use Apple’s Final Cut Pro X on a Mac Pro. Here there are some examples of my work during the years.

Getting a second chance to dancing after 29 years.

Video editing of 30 years of vintage video footage with Final Cut Pro X on a Mac Pro.
Raw source footage: old photos, 8 camcorder, VHS tapes.

An October vacation day in Lussinpiccolo, Croatia

October 2012
HD video taken with a Sanyo Xacti camera, editing with Final Cut Pro X on a Mac Pro.

A visit to Capri

July 1987
8mm camcorder. Edited with Final Cut Express. One day visit to the island of Capri, starting from Naples with a guide that took us through “aliscafi”, boats, Blue Grotto, buses, Anacapri, taxis, trails, good lunch and beautiful scenery. Definetly worth the few euro we paid for his services!

Marimba in Guatemala

January 1988
8mm camcorder, edited with Final Cut Express. Antigua Guatemala – Marimba a la Posada de Don Rodrigo in 1988.

For more examples, see my Youtube Channel