Cities and Courts of the Po Valley: Venice to Milan

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It’s is an e-guide to a multi-days trip in the Italian Po River Valley.

It starts with a visit to Venice, then to Padua, Ferrara, Bologna, Modena, Sabbioneta, Parma, Fontanellato, Piacenza, Pavia, and its Charterhouse. It then goes to Milan.

It includes detailed descriptions for visiting Venice in two or three days and Milan in two days or more.

There are extensive descriptions and color photos of the attractions.

It is ideal for use on your smartphone, it contains active links to the web sites of many reviews for the best-recommended restaurants that are at the location described.

There are active links to the review pages, and you can use them if you have an active Internet connection. Still, if you don’t, you have the necessary information ready: you have the name, address, and telephone number in the guide.

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2 Replies to “Cities and Courts of the Po Valley: Venice to Milan”

  1. I like the ebook so much. As Enrico suggested, I read it on iBooks on my iPhone 5, and I did everything with just one hand. It is so convenient to use. I could get to Milan driving from Venice following Enrico’s directions, and everything flowed well. I tried the link to all the restaurants – worked perfectly. Also, the links at the end were excellent. I’m planning to spend some vacation time in Italy for next summer, and this trip of one week driving to Milan from Venice sounds very appealing to me.

  2. Very happy with this guide: I am planning to have a vacation in Milan for later this year, and I was looking for some destination in Italy where to spend one or two weeks visiting additional locations. I found this guide very useful as it describes the attractions with words but also with a lot of beautiful pictures. I found the links to the restaurants very interesting, I tested them, and they work as expected. It is always good to have the choice between several restaurants, and not only the one or two usually recommended by the other tour guides. I tested the guide on my Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone using UB-Reader, and I could use the guide using just one hand! Overall: Very impressive result.

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